About Us

Newton Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the Newton Mechanical Engineering. Website- a leading provider of mechanical design, mechanical analyses and a broad range of engineering products, which include production devices, automation, machines, mobile structures, packaging and electronic equipment enclosures.

We are unique because we grew up as metal industry production workers with golden hands so we provide wise and producible design.
The company provides a wide variety of engineering solutions which include outsourcing services, project management, mechanical planning, design services, production solutions, mechanical analyses and calculations.

Newton Mechanical Engineering provides customer oriented advanced solutions, start with concepts, through creative design (which is our pride) producible design, analysis, calculations, digital or real prototypes all the way to full production and full delivery to the customer.
We, at Newton, believe that good detailed design is the right base to any project of any size, and we act accordingly.
We are dedicated to customer oriented service in of the highest level, providing simple, elegant and clever solutions.